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Payment Method
  • Cash at TNAF office (Mon.-Fri. 9.00a.m.-5.00p.m.)
  • Money Order payable to Thai National AIDS Foundation, Ngamwongwan Post Office
  • Crossed cheque payable to Thai National AID Foundation
  • Money Transfer to saving account of Thai National AIDS Foundation

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Bank Branch Acc No.
   Siam Commercial Bank Ngamwongwan Branch 319-2-81185-2
   Siam Commercial Bank Ngamwongwan Branch 319-2-95473-1
   Thai Military Bank Ngamwongwan Branch 026-2-48266-4
   Bangkok Bank Ngamwongwan Branch 188-0-63366-2
   KrungThai Bank Ngamwongwan Branch 141-1-54624-5
   Krungsri Ayudhya Bank Ngamwongwan Branch 312-1-19274-9
   Kasikorn Bank Ngamwongwan Branch 726-2-44888-0

After making the donation, please send us a copy of your money transfer and this form by mail or facsimile + 662 618 4748 we will quickly mail your receipt.

Thai National AIDS Foundation is a non-profit organization number 717 as officially certified by the Ministry of Finance. The reciept can be used for tax reduction.

Thank you for your support.